Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman

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“The child is both the hope and a promise for mankind.”

-Maria Montessori

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A Message from the Head of the School

“The child is truly a miraculous being and this should be felt deeply by the educator.”

-Maria Montessori


As a young child I always dreamed of teaching. I would gather all the neighborhood children together and for about three hours my bedroom would be instantly transformed into a classroom. The children would be seated in a row on the opposite side of a long table. Laid out on the table was a clock, an abundance of ditto sheets, and textbooks that I had collected from my teachers. Precisely every 40 minutes, the children would be instructed to change their thought processes to a different subject and any work left incomplete could be taken home for homework. What I began to witness was a group of faces exhibiting boredom, submission and fear. Ironically these were some of the same feelings I had everyday in most of my classes.

As a parent, I desired an educational environment where learning is fun, and an integral part of the curriculum, is a working knowledge of all academic disciplines rooted in Biblical truth. I longed for an environment where teachers partner with the parents in educating the child as well as an environment that exudes the Spirit of God, and my children would be saturated with the Holy Scriptures. In this amazing place, children are respected as individuals, race and gender are celebrated, and creativity, curiosity, and independence are cultivated in every child. This special place would also recognize that individuality is manifested for the enhancement of the Greater Community and respect would permeate the environment.

As founder and leader of Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman, I am committed to taking whatever steps necessary to provide an exceptional school, based on the educational methods pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori and the Holy Scriptures. CMSLN’s mission is to provide an environment that will help the children internalize truth and prepare them for productive God-honoring lives as adults. At CMSLN there is a commitment to a close partnership between home and school, academic accountability and an innovative program that will lead students to develop extraordinary levels of personal responsibility, independence, and self-confidence.

Thank you again for your interest in CMSLN. Enjoy our website and I look forward to partnering with you in nurturing the maturation of all your child’s God–given talents and abilities.

God Bless,
Sonya A. Curry
Founder/Head of School 

“ Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds…teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down, and when you get up.” (Deuteronomy 11:18,19)